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Any product recall has the potential to devastate brand equity and to destroy your company’s bottom line. By properly preparing a national product recall solution and putting in place accredited systems, resources and expertise, a supplier can well manage a potentially stressful situation. Recalls are complex and potentially disastrous, but are unfortunately a reality of business life — thus, responsible companies plan for these situations to protect their brands and to manage their risk.
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Total Recall Services® collects, tracks and disposes recalled and withdrawn products from stores and distribution centers across Canada. We ensure that every item is removed completely from the supply chain creating a closed-loop of integrity.

  • Work required by retail staff is minimized.
  • Recall practices at all stores are standardized.
  • Accurate and timely tracking of all recalled inventory is guaranteed.
  • Consistent and reliable service.

Total Recall tools are designed to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs.

  • Simplicity of end-to-end resources and turnkey program administration.
  • Eliminates abuse - all recalled products are tracked, thus creating accountability.
  • Internal clerical and administrative duties associated with recalls are reduced.
  • System integration of Total Recall with our customer’s allows for auto vendor debiting and improved cash flow.
  • Reliable, detailed and tailored reporting is provided.Total Recall tracking systems are trusted by your vendors.
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