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Any product recall has the potential to devastate brand equity and to destroy your company’s bottom line. By properly preparing a national product recall solution and putting in place accredited systems, resources and expertise, a supplier can well manage a potentially stressful situation. Recalls are complex and potentially disastrous, but are unfortunately a reality of business life — thus, responsible companies plan for these situations to protect their brands and to manage their risk.
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Every Total Recall product extraction is conducted by our trained recall experts.. Total Recall is your most efficient resource when you need rapid deployment across Canada. 

Total Recall Services® is a closed loop, fully integrated solution giving you:

Strategic Consulting -Preparation is Key. We ensure you a single-point-of-contact solution to coordinate and successfully achieve the management of any recall.
Advance Cost Perspective - Understanding and approving recall solutions in advance allows you to expedite the withdrawal and recover more rapidly
Tracking/Reporting - In addition to multiple channel data consolidation, you receive tailored electronic and/or on-line reports detailing all aspects of your product withdrawal.
IT Consulting - When Allied Reclamation Services’ Total Recall Invoicing System is integrated with your accounting department, you will be provided with copies of invoices from each distributor allowing you to track costs more efficiently.
Centralized Consolidation - For more than 15 years, Allied Reclamation Services has been managing centralized return facilities located coast-to-coast. This unique infrastructure ensures safe and secure maintenance of your product in our centralized facilities, creating ease of product inspection and disposition co-ordination.
Language Considerations -Total Recall ensures that all outbound communications are in the language your partners speak –English or En Français. This includes outgoing withdrawal notifications and handling procedures as well as inbound reporting and invoicing.

Response Management - Our recall solutions provide operational scalability, flexibility and control.

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