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Since 1987, Allied Reclamation Services Inc. has identified, processed and disposed of unsaleables goods eligible for return to suppliers for credit. Allied Reclamation has become Canada’s largest services provider offering a full range of reclamation and recall services to the food, drug, food services, retail and wholesale industries.

Allied Reclamation is a Canadian company acting as an independent third party auditor, on behalf of the consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical industries.


Significant reduction in counter-productive labor practices at store and warehouse levels
Internal clerical and administrative duties associated with returns and damages are effectively reduced
Elimination of all store level and distribution centre vendor return transactions.
Prompt and straightforward reporting helps store personnel better manage unsaleables.
Unsightly "reduced price’" tables and racks are eliminated
Eligible products are donated to accredited local food banks and charities.
Our system is embraced by major organizations, and we continue to expand service.
Your brand and corporate identity are protected from abuse.
Allied benefits your retail partners, helping them better manage your brands.
Supplier and vendor sales representatives non-selling time is significantly reduced; no more handling products at store level.
Hazardous and toxic items are disposed of in accordance with government regulations.
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